Speakers' presentation

Plenary Session 1:The Future of Asian Family

1. Dr. KIM Young-Ran (Korea)

The Reality and Future of Korean Families in the Low Growth Era

2. Prof. ZHU Meihua (China)

Living Poor: Family Structure and Function Analysis

3. Prof. NOZAWA Shinji (Japan)

Japanese Stepchildren’s Relationships with Their Parents and Stepparents: Understanding Stepfamily Dynamics in Asian Contexts

Plenary Session 2: Contemporary Issues on Parenting

1. Dr. CHOI Yoon-Kyung (Korea)

Parenting as an Economic Activity and Cultural Engagement

2. Prof. KUROKAWA Kinuyo (Japan)

Parenting Issues in Japan: Focusing on Child Abuse and Discipline

3. Ms. BUANG Rahayu (Singapore)

Co-parenting with the Child’s Best Interest in a Divorce

4. Ms. LUI Micy (Hong Kong)

Co-parenting and Responsibility


Plenary Session 3: Family Happiness

1. Prof. LAM Tai Hing (Hong Kong)

An Innovative and Public Health Approach to Promote Family Holistic Health – The FAMILY: A Jockey Club Initiative for a Harmonious Society(FAMILY Project) in Hong Kong

2. Dr. CHUNG Miranda & Dr. LO Herman (Hong Kong)

Exploratory Study on Family Happiness in Asian Region

3. Prof. KIM Yeong-Hee (Korea)

Factors Related to Family Happiness across Age Groups

4. Prof. FENG Joyce (Taiwan)

Active Aging and Social Innovation Plenary

Plenary Session 4: Family Practice in Asia

1. Dr. NAKAMURA Shinichi (Japan)

Sexless Couples with Child(-ren) in Japan

2. Prof. MA Lai-Chong Joyce (Hong Kong)

An Outcome Study of a Family Therapy Training Programme for Psychiatric Nurses in Hong Kong

3. Prof. PARK Tai Young (Korea)

A Study on Factors Influencing Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Family Therapy Case